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Nuestra Señora De La Vivienda
Community Foundation 

"Our Lady of  Housing" 

 Immokalee, Florida

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Who We Are

 Nuestra Señora De La Vivienda Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. 

In partnership with the Pulte Family Charitable Foundation, 

we are creating a community with safe affordable family housing in Immokalee, Florida.

Who We Are

Our Affordable Housing Initiative



Immokalee is an agricultural community with a large migrant farming population located in Southwest Florida.

Over 40 percent of the population lives below the poverty level in Immokalee. There is a shortage of safe, affordable single-family housing in Immokalee, creating strain on the community's families, students, workforce, and economy.

Together with the Pulte Family Charitable Foundation, we are taking a community-first approach to

focus on safe, affordable housing, early childhood education, and supportive programs

to help families live successful and healthy lives in Immokalee.

We seek to develop affordable single-family homes for rent to improve local housing access and stability while strengthening our nonprofit partnerships for early education and other family-centered initiatives in the community.

“ We are sitting on top of each other... a lot of people that do not have housing.... These people will rent 1 rundown trailer to 15 people."

Sonja Reyna, Immoklee Resident 

"Housing is foundational to the needs of a family from physical health, to mental health, social health....if housing is not certain than all those things will crumble."

Andrew VanValin, Pulte Family Charitable Foundation

"We are all struggling so we put together and help each other."

Samatha Tindell, Immoklee Resident 



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10-15 individuals, often farm workers and unrelated families, live in one substandard trailer to afford rent


The average trailers in Immokalee rent average up to $2,500 per month


Immokalee is home to thousands of migrant farmers who help feed America’s families

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Over 40% of Immokalee live below the poverty line affecting one out of every three residents

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Immokalee is experiencing a decades-long housing crisis

Breaking News 

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IMMOKALEE | 50-acre affordable housing project in Immokalee moves forward.  By: Mahmoud Bennett, Fox4

Posted at 6:43 PM, Nov 01, 2023 and last updated 8:40 PM, Nov 01, 2023

IMMOKALEE | Large-Scale New, Afforable Housing Community In Immoklee, Florida, Receives Final Approval

Posted October 12, 2023 

History of Immokalee
Parallel Lines


How can I support Nuestra Señora De La Vivienda Community Foundation?  

Please contact the Pulte Family Charitable Foundation at

to learn more about our affordable housing initiative. 

Where can I find community resources for Immokalee? 

Visit the United Way 's to connect with a local

community resource specialist in the U.S. and Canada for resources and organizations that provide basic needs and critical services.

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